3 Sexy New Year’s resolutions to keep things hot & happening.

We hope you had a splendid festive season sprinkled with all sorts of mischief, merry-making and deliciously sweaty dalliances under the sheets. To get twenty-great-teen off to a good start, we thought we’d share three sexy new year’s resolutions to keep things hot and happening in the sack in the year of the dog (**insert obligatory doggy-style joke**). Here goes:

Make time to get your groove back

Routine is the death of romance. This much we know for sure. Listen, we get it – if you have kids, you are lucky if you can rustle up 20 minutes of alone time a week, but that, dear friends, is what date night is for. A babysitter is cheaper than a divorce lawyer, and the expense of a hotel room with some fluffy towels is much preferable to a run-on row with your partner because both of you are in dire need of some TLC, but don’t have any time to clean those metaphorical pipes. Block out the dates on your calendar, pre-book those getaways and then make good use of it! Don’t you dare pass out after watching half a movie. Get waxed, set the mood, get a wee bit tipsy, dress up to the nines – whatever you need to get your groove on.

Surprise yourself (and your partner)

This is the year to get out of that rut (if you happen to find yourself in one, of course). Order yourself an OhBox, explore your sexual horizons and get ready to surprise yourself, and your partner! From toys and gear, to restraints and edibles, you never know what might find its way to your door and nightstand next – just the thing you need to keep things fresh.

Go for that dreaded check-up, will you?!

Now for the boring bit. Go for the check-ups people! Book the mammogram, pap smear and pelvic exam in advance so you can’t chicken out. Oh, and dudes, that visit to the proctologist is not optional either. While you’re at it, get an AIDS test. Even if you are in a committed relationship, it pays to know your status. Keeping up with your check-ups allows you to make informed decisions about your sexual and reproductive health that can prevent chronic conditions later in life.

If you stick to these three resolutions, we can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to have a year chockful of frisky encounters, mind-blowing coitus and a whole lot of endorphin-induced afterglow (a good look on everyone). Now, hop to it and